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Brooke Eva by Ray Gutierrez




via Lucy Loves Lingerie


Hi Ninja & Trouble

I was feeling a bit low and stressed out lately, so I grabbed the camera, my fave lingerie and took some photos, just basking and generating positive vibes in the sun. I may have thick thighs, mismatched underwear, plus 20 pounds on since last summer or dirty clothes on my bedroom floor, but hey, I’m feeling great, looking great and all the stress and work of months seems to convert into positive things and achievements. 

I couldn’t help but post this submission along with the previous due to the colour theme that happened incidentally. Even the sun’s rays coming through are similar. Very lovely how it falls across your stomach in this photo. Being happy as we are is one of the best things we can do to improve our overall day to day. Keep soaking up that vitamin D. 

Thick thighs!?? Nonsense. She’s gorgeous. 


Alysha at the L’Ermitage #5.